Author Amy Vernon wrote an interesting piece showing the change in download volume by platform over time at Sourceforge. Sourceforge is in an envious position from a data perspective. Few sites have as high a download volume for such a wide variety of projects. I thought it would be fun to put together some additional visualizations of the data. I started with some Excel charts, but user warpdude over at Hacker News turned me on to the idea of using the Google Visualization API. Just a couple of quick changes to the source of his example, and we have a set of interesting graphs showing the same time-series data.

Update: Rich Bowen provided an insight via Twitter that much of the “other” data is from update services and non-browser requests. Hello, curl. We’re looking at you!

Update 2: Have a look in the comments for an update from Rich Bowen further addressing the concerns regarding ‘other’.

Graph preview image