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I’m king of NYC!

Over the course of the last year or so, I’ve received a couple of strange emails and phone calls that I didn’t understand until a few months back when I finally replied to one of the messages and got some clarity. Apparently, a fellow named Brad Lander is running for City Council in Brooklyn. His website address is http://bradlander.com, which is of course very similar to mine.

So today, I received a cryptic message on my answering machine from guy named John E. (last name omitted to protect the innocent) claiming to be an old friend. Problem was, I had no idea who the hell John E. was. Thankfully, I made the connection between this call, John E’s Syracuse area code, and the emails and calls from the past.

Fortunately, “Mr. Lander”:http://www.bradlander.com/ seems like a really stand up guy (this cannot be a coincidence /cough cough/). I sure hope he wins so I can travel to NYC and throw my name around when trying to get a reservation at a good restaurant.

Stupid human tricks

This morning I watched my cat jump three times her standing height and I thought, “Gee, it must be cool to be able to jump three times your own height.”

Then I went about my business fixing breakfast, as my cat watched on from the bar between our kitchen and dining room. At that moment, I had another thought. I’ll bet my cat is thinking, “Gee, it must be cool to be able to get your own food from that big white box.”

Human: 1
Cat: 1

Let’s call it a draw.