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You have no idea what Steve Jobs would do

The iOS 6 maps kerfuffle has the Steve Jobs prognosticators out in force, all crying the same old song: “Steve would have never let this happen!”

Really, folks? *Really?*

Very few people — less than I can count on one hand — ever demonstrated any ability to understand what was going on inside Steve Jobs head. The vast majority of the tech punditry flat out disagreed with him. Most common geeks foamed at the mouth in rage over some of Steve Jobs’ actual decisions. Remember the whole “no native apps” on the original iPhone? How about the time Steve Jobs went all Jules Winnfield on Adobe Flash?

The only person who demonstrated any ability to understand Steve Jobs’ reasoning on anything more than a superficial level was John Gruber, and the community over at Hacker News (a place full of really smart geeks) waits with baited breath to tear his articles apart.

The truth is, none of us have any clue whether Steve Jobs would have released iOS 6 Maps in this state. What we do know was that he was hoppin’ mad over Android, and put the wheels in motion on the Apple/Google separation long before his passing.

This whole thing really has nothing to do with anything. It’s just a plea. A plea to stop invoking the name of a man who’s time was cut short in an effort to add credibility to your argument. Yes, iOS Maps suck, but they suck regardless of what Steve Jobs might, or might not, have done.