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Droid vs Nexus One vs iPhone sales

In a “74-day period, the Motorola Droid outsold the Nexus One by a huge margin”:http://blog.flurry.com/bid/31410/Day-74-Sales-Apple-iPhone-vs-Google-Nexus-One-vs-Motorola-Droid. That’s almost seven and a half times as many sales in the same period.¬†One thing that cannot be ignored is the advertising blitz that Verizon/Motorola did for the Droid. Living life on the internet, it’s easy to forget that most of the world still spends the majority of their life in a room that doesn’t have a computer.

Speaking of wireless companies

From: “Wired – New Phones Still Sold With Old Versions of Android”:http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2010/03/android-version-confusion/

bq. “I can’t figure out why the handset makers are doing this,” says Chris Fagan, an Android developer who owns an app development company called Froogloid. “I find it very peculiar that they release new phones on older firmware.”

I can tell you why, Chris. Because Verizon, ATT, and friends don’t care about your user experience. They only want to sell phones… Wait, not even that. They want to sell contracts.

I hate to be a raving Apple fanatic, but Apple is one of very few large companies that really, genuinely gives a crap about how well your experience goes when using their product. Google also cares, but take notice here: which phone shipping today has the most recent version of Android? The one that is marketed by Google.

Google wants you to have a positive experience with your phone because they want to build a long term relationship. Keep in mind that Google comes from a world where customers can walk out the door at any moment. Verizon/ATT/etc tie you in to contracts that keep you locked in. You can’t leave, even if you’re unhappy.

The logical conclusion? Competition is good for business. As much as I love my iPhone, I really hope Apple’s lawsuit against HTC fails miserably so that Android can continue to flourish and help drive the market forward.

Now if only there were a great disruptor to Verizon and AT&T’s business…